Jesus was Married to Mary Magdalene

1 July 2011 No Comment

Theory: Jesus Christ was married to Mary Magdalene and may have had children and their continued bloodline is Christianity’s deepest secret.

Facts: The theory finds its basis in the Gospel of Philip from the Gnostic Gospels, which were discovered in 1945 and whose authenticity religious experts still dispute. In the Gospel of Philip, Mary Magdalene, who is referred to as Jesus’ koinonos, a Greek term for “companion” or “partner,” is depicted as being closer to Jesus than any other apostle. In the Gnostic Gospels and exchange happens between Mary and Peter when he admits that “the Savior loved you above all other women”.

The Gnostic Gospels are early Christian writings containing many secrets of the early Christian religion and were found in Upper Egypt, a location where many Christians fled during the Roman invasion of Jerusalem. Undisturbed since their concealment almost two thousand years ago, these manuscripts of Christian mysticism rank in importance with the Dead Sea Scrolls. These writings affirmed the existence of the doctrine of reincarnation being taught among the early Jews and Christians. The discovery in 1945 yielded writings that included some long lost gospels, some of which were written earlier than the known gospels of Matthew, Mark, Luke and John. The Christian Gnostics emphasized spiritual knowledge rather blind faith as the road to salvation.

Unanswered Questions: The church still denies the authenticity of any of the Gnostic Gospels, especially the Gospel of Mary or the Gospel of Philip. The only other Biblical evidence to support this conspiracy theory is the repeated mention of Jesus kissing Mary often, but some say kissing was the custom and typical of Jesus to practice with those close to him/ (Judas ring a bell?)

Ideas: The Church is hiding the secret or (original) royal bloodline of Jesus and Mary Magdalene. If the Gnostic Gospels are authentic and Jesus was married to Mary Magdalene, the entire doctrine of the Church practiced for thousands of years is undermined. Judgment: We at are absolute believers in the Gnostic Gospels; they’re just as credible as the more widely accepted Gospels of John and Mark (if you could call them credible). It is certainly probable that Jesus was married and had children, although proving that his bloodline is still lingering around today is unlikely, but what about that makes it inherently un-Biblical we don’t know. The Church is forever guilty of refusing to evolve when new evidence contradicts acts their 2,000 year old theories.