The Death of Marilyn Monroe

24 June 2011 No Comment

Theory: Marilyn Monroe met her death not be suicide or accidental overdose but at the hands of some of the most powerful men in the country like mobster Sam Giancana or the Kennedys.

Facts: Monroe had relationships with some of the most powerful men in the country and each of them had reasons to want her silenced. Because of this the FBI and CIA had files and kept close tabs on Monroe, not for her own safety but for national security reasons. Monroe also made constant calls to Whitehouse that were unwelcome. On August 4, 1962 Monroe was found dead in her LA home. There was a prescription bottle in the bathroom for strong sedatives but there was no significant trace of pill residue in her system, or any glass of water she would have used to take the lethal dose. Monroe had a relationship with Mafia crime boss Sam Giancana and unbeknownst to her he had her home wiretapped for months as a means of keeping tabs on her. At the time of her death Monroe was addicted to both alcohol and prescription medications. Recently, legal documents have surfaced revealing that the Kennedy family promised to deposit $600,000 in the name of Marilyn Monroe to her mother, Gladys Baker. After Monroe’s death the deposit didn’t happen and all references to it were hidden. Bobby Kennedy was also in LA the night Monroe died.

Unanswered Questions: The wiretaps that Sam Giancana kept on Monroe have never been released but there are many rumors that circulate about what they may contain about the night of her death. Conspiracy theorists believe that the tapes contain an argument between Bobby Kennedy and Monroe on the night she died and that escalated to a physical level.  It’s unknown specifically why Giancana wiretapped her, but it may possibly have been his way of gaining control over the Kennedys.




Ideas: After sharing the same bed with the president, RFK’s prosecutor, and various members of the Mafia, including Sam Giancana, Monroe knew things that could destroy the most powerful group of people in the U.S. Many conspiracy theories believe that the death of Marilyn Monroe was at the hands of the powerful Kennedy family. Some say that Monroe had information that John Kennedy was elected with Mafia boss Sam Giaconda’s help and that she threatened to go public with that information if JFK didn’t continue the relationship with her. Some even believe patriarch to the Kennedy clan Joe Kennedy was ultimately responsible because he was power hungry and wanted to avoid scandal. The most widely believed scenario by conspiracy theorists is that Bobby Kennedy, actor Peter Lawford (married to Pat Kennedy) and an unknown man carrying a medical kit entered Monroe’s home. Bobby Kennedy and Monroe had a fight and the actress was injected in the leg with sedatives and her body was then staged to look like a suicide. Other theorists speculate that Monroe may have been pregnant in 1962 and that one of the Kennedy’s was the father. Judgment: The conspiracy around Marilyn Monroe’s death actually holds water. While it’s true that Monroe was addicted to medications and alcohol, the fact that she was involved with very powerful men who were known to be unscrupulous to get what they wanted or further their careers makes for dangerous company. Monroe did undoubtedly pose a threat to a few important men and because of her documented mental instability, she was likely considered a loose cannon. says that this conspiracy deserves a little more investigation and that we’d give an arm to hear what’s on those wiretaps.