The Government is Implanting Microchips in Humans

3 July 2011 No Comment

Theory: The government is trying to control its citizens using a human biochip implant.

Facts: Microchipping first began in 1983 and was sued for monitoring fisheries. Today it is widely used by zoos, in home pets, lab animals, tracking endangered wildlife, automobiles and more. In 2004 the first microchip was approved by the FDA for use in humans. The FDA approved version is called VeriChip and is a human-implantable radio-frequency identification (RFID) microchip. VeriChip was originally intended for identify verification purposes, such as assisting people with Alzheimer disease or tracing children. Human microchipping is already in progress; millions of military personnel around the world have been implanted with VeriChip for “security reasons” and some fundamentalist politicians are suggesting prisoners be microchipped for “security reasons; some even go so far as to suggest all newborn babies be microchipped.

Unanswered Questions: There is no evidence that the government has used of intends to use microchipping as a means of control, although it’s apt to become a hot button issue in the future as technology becomes even more advanced. Proponents of microchipping claim it will only be used beneficial in helping healthcare providers in emergency situations or for national security reasons.

Ideas: Conspiracy theorists fear misuse of the human microchip by the government that could lead to an increased loss of civil liberties and freedom. The microchip would also need to be unencrypted, which means anyone would have access to your information if they had a microchip reader, no authorization required. Some theorists believe that innocent civilians have actually already been microchipped against their wishes for “security reasons”. Judgment: While there’s no evidence to indicate the government intends to microchip its citizens as a means of control, we are still fundamentally against microchipping humans, whether for healthcare concerns, missing children or prisoners. Governments have a tendency to misuse and abuse their power so we’re not willing to give them the opportunity.