The holidays are upon us. For many of us, that means long trips and downtime between extravagant, calorie-filled, ten-course meals. Podcasts are the perfect way to spend your freetime. So here’s the list of podcasts I’ll be listening to as we close the year— and if you’re involved with entrepreneurship or are interested in compelling storytelling, you might give them a go as well.

1. Serial

Nobody can really beat compelling storytelling into you like Sarah Koenig. She reprises her role as host, tackling the high-profile story of Bowe Bergdahl, an Army soldier who left his post in Afghanistan and was eventually captured and held captive by the Taliban for five years. Episodes are released every Thursday, and we’re already a couple weeks into the season.

2. 99% Invisible

This is a personal favorite — the podcast takes each episode to dive deep into the unseen, often minute and other times grand, aspects of design and architecture. I recently listened to an episode chronicling the story of an Indian philosopher trying to build a Utopian city from the ground up, called Rajneeshpuram. These are carefully and beautifully told stories worth listening to on the plane or while getting unwanted lectures from your family.

3. Product Hunt Radio

Okay, this is for anyone who geeks out about products as much as I do. Makers come together to talk about their stories and share their love for products. What’s more compelling is it puts their stories into the larger context of making sense of the world. Listen to this episode on Chris Sacca.

4. On Being

On Being is a podcast dedicated to the human condition, something I, as a millennial, tend to grapple with every waking — and sleeping — moment. But this podcast turns the existential crisis on itself, serving as a means of exploration rather than tension. It’s beautifully told by Krista Tippett, who interviews an eclectic array of guests, from physicists to philosophers.

5. StarTalk

I’ve been a fervent Neil deGrasse Tyson fan (we once had a sweet, 30-second conversation my freshman year of college). His podcast intersects the field of astrophysics with comedy, culture, entertainment, and more. They’re entertaining and informative.

Got any podcasts you love? Comment here and share the love. Happy holidays.

Photo credit: brainblogger via / CC BY