Today we’re thrilled to announce that Conspire has been acquired by FullContact. We couldn’t be more excited to join them.

Where It All Started

Paul and I started Conspire in the summer of 2012. After a few twists and turns (and pivots), David Cohen at Techstars inspired us to look at the relationships that live in email.

Since then, our mission has stayed the same: to automatically understand your relationships and to give you the fullest possible access to your extended network. As a part of FullContact, we’ll be able to continue our mission to help you more fully connect with your network.

Why FullContact?

FullContact’s mission is to help the world stay fully connected, master its contacts and be awesome with people. We’ve worked closely with the FullContact team for the past few years, and when we sat down with FullContact CEO Bart Lorang to discuss an acquisition, it became clear that our companies had been working towards the same vision.

We think this acquisition will be a great merger of two complementary services. Conspire’s heart lies in the global graph of all your email relationships, and combining us with FullContact’s contact management technology will empower Conspire users to build better relationships and leverage their networks. As a part of FullContact, Conspire’s relationship engine will allow you to not only stay fully connected to your network, but to your extended network, too.

What happens to Conspire?

For our users, nothing will change right now. Conspire will continue to operate, allowing you to unlock your professional network and make new connections.

In the future we’ll integrate Conspire’s technology into FullContact’s core address book offerings, allowing you to uncover the best paths to people and opportunities. Tell us who you want to meet, and we’ll still tell you how to reach them. Together, Conspire and FullContact will enrich and amplify your network in a way that is much greater than each alone.

We encourage you to sign up for FullContact and give it a try. Combined with Conspire, it’s a powerful tool for managing your contacts and understanding the strength of your relationships.

And with the two of us working together, it’s only going to get better.

Thanks again

Thanks again for being a part of our journey. Paul and I have had an amazing time building and growing Conspire, and we couldn’t have done it without you.

We look forward to the breakthroughs to come.