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Your Job Search in 2016

It’s a new year, and perhaps you’re looking to find a new job or career path. You’re doing your initial research because you’ve been out of the job market for quite some time — or you’re just beginning. And it’s a good time to do it, according to a CareerBuilder report cited by Fast Company which reports that 78 percent of hiring managers expect hiring to increase in the first half of 2016 from the second half of 2015. And you probably should be cognizant of trends in the hiring process in the coming year, whether that means hiring managers are completely nixing the resume or a putting a stronger focus on soft skills.

Here’s an effectively curated list of hiring trends you’re going to want to know in 2016.

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7 Tips to Nail Your Next Follow-Up Email

You just nailed your introduction, had a great first conversation, and… now what? No matter what you’re up to — whether it’s following up on a sales call, or just finishing up an interview, or leaving a networking event, writing a quality follow-up email can make a huge difference. For sales and business development especially (and this is a bit shocking), 80% of sales are made at the fifth to 12th touch. All that is to say, follow-ups are a stepping stone to long relationships. And you’ll need to invest in them to close the sale.

Intrinsically, the point of a follow up email is to show that of all the people who could possibly have had an initial meeting with the same person, you matter more. And you’re genuinely interested.

To nail your next follow-up email, follow these tips:

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Conquering the dreaded cold sales call… by not

Part of our October series, “On Fear,” where we unpack fear in the startup world.


This week’s digest comes from a place that gives us all a sense of apprehension. It’s where you’re on the initiating end of a phone call and you’re trying to persuade someone to do something for you — it’s especially difficult when you want someone to buy something from you.

Cold calling is no joke. It’s tough and inefficient, and there must be a better way to drive your sales pipeline.

There is.

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Women, it’s time to shake more hands

The story begins as I walk into a well-lit room with walls covered in sleek, silver paintings. Most of the light glistens off the wine glasses and beer bottles, the drinks slowly making their way into the speech patterns of the social elite. There are people everywhere, dressed up in happy faces and makeup and suits. They’re clumped together, in groups of three, laughing and talking about the next big thing happening in their next big promotion.

My heels are killing me at this point. I search for a table to rest my weight on. And finally, I feel weightless once I find ‘my crowd’ of familiar women — and it’s not because of the beer.

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Your weekly startup networking digest

Professional networking is a big deal to us at Conspire — but historically, it’s had a nasty reputation. Somewhere along the lines of “gung-ho business dealmakers on a linear mission for self-benefit” you start to wonder whether there’s a point to all the madness behind the booze, laughter, suits, and heels. You wonder whether that email from a B2B sales rep was personal or sent to a dozen other potential clients.

Yet although that’s the prevailing notion, most successful business relationships born out of networking events are — and must be — nurtured and synergistic.

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