What’s Next for Conspire

Over the past year and a half Conspire has built and refined a powerful networking tool. Our users have found warm intros to employers, investors, sales opportunities and potential partners.

We’ve learned a lot in that time about our users and about the resource that powers Conspire: the email graph. One thing we’ve heard and observed consistently is that users are most successful when they approach Conspire with a clear purpose and a well-defined target.

In the coming months, we’ll introduce a new, more purposeful, focused Conspire that centers on the things our users want to accomplish. Instead of asking you who you want to meet, we’ll show you where the opportunities are and how to access them. Much more on that soon.

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7 Tips to Nail Your Next Follow-Up Email

You just nailed your introduction, had a great first conversation, and… now what? No matter what you’re up to — whether it’s following up on a sales call, or just finishing up an interview, or leaving a networking event, writing a quality follow-up email can make a huge difference. For sales and business development especially (and this is a bit shocking), 80% of sales are made at the fifth to 12th touch. All that is to say, follow-ups are a stepping stone to long relationships. And you’ll need to invest in them to close the sale.

Intrinsically, the point of a follow up email is to show that of all the people who could possibly have had an initial meeting with the same person, you matter more. And you’re genuinely interested.

To nail your next follow-up email, follow these tips:

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networking tips

Your weekly startup networking digest

Professional networking is a big deal to us at Conspire — but historically, it’s had a nasty reputation. Somewhere along the lines of “gung-ho business dealmakers on a linear mission for self-benefit” you start to wonder whether there’s a point to all the madness behind the booze, laughter, suits, and heels. You wonder whether that email from a B2B sales rep was personal or sent to a dozen other potential clients.

Yet although that’s the prevailing notion, most successful business relationships born out of networking events are — and must be — nurtured and synergistic.

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The 5 types of Conspire users

“Everyone you want to work with EVER is busy.”

Ashton Kutcher

If you’re someone who needs to figure out who you know to get to the next person you want to know, Conspire helps you do that. With over 70 million people connected to Conspire, we get better the more we grow, so tell your friends #WhyIConspire so we can make it even better.

Thus far, here are five profiles of some of our most active users:

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